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Machinery eedetfto Keep Telephone f ; Headquarters Tidy. Uvatortea Iqf im hrglenle tnill,on modern scienceLmandi. Bell Telephone. Building at Ml Broad 8treet,Newark, has rtosi ml in which about I. S0O man, u4 women are employed. Tbers ta no sweeping racuiini doca that. At 'midnight U "men under the direction of a bead porter come In to j. All the icrubblni. Ilka tbe. If you aerkraily eon sttr kousekeeplng in rooms, you tDI need a force of at leaat 11 help m ill the time, and for one "shift," a ttrcebf If. TttmAr anil u.

Kaat Vina atnw u. WUHaiw Hankina. Enhraini trunn. Ware Company. PauJ Hnffm. Howard Ugatea bt Wlhnlhtton. Nelson Davis. William Brandrlff and mother spent Labor Day in Philadelphia. Jomph Ammell and Mr. Mlaa Helen Baumcarten in jmpnrtlnir. Connecticut, where he will be the gntst of the Travelera Insurance Com- relative in this city. Mward, Garrloon, and children. Each nser takes what he needs without Interfering with other uaera.

In lbs telephone business, however, tich call Is an eirlusfre service, de-minding the exclusive nsa of a circuit tod of the time of the operators. Thai, the lighting company provides a if nice which flows from the com HBy to the aser, hut. Women want nsa Millville Utah yr sometime U td kUnkety-blank by tho way. A Chlokcv boitoearmM sj sA fliefsd by rtinmen. Tha same Idea. Gtorki sre really Tklei vh in,says a ' maaniine writer, Sounds Ilka he had been blessed Kh.

MHWtll H. Modernistic Insets of dai brown aolell are effectively use-" a this beige felt clocha. Under the Couiens resolution, tasted at the last session, the 8ch-ata Interstate Commerce Commltr tee. Is directed to. Including' radld, t telephone, telegraph and alt kinds - of wireless and cable services so used, and transmission, ot power. A Lot Caa Happrahis resolution is pretty tar-reaching, and acme persons think it Is loaded with dynamite.

One of the migailnes of the electric power Industry recently had an editorial raising the question how the Industry ever let such a resolution pats and admitted that as compared, with the Coutena reso lution, ths-Walsh public Utlllttcr resolution was only a - summer tephyr. Yet It will be recalled that In the Walsh resolution tight the Senate galleries and hallways were crowded with the pbwer people until they Anally succeeded In ehuntlng the proposed In- vesU;atlon to the Federal Trsde Commission.

The fact seems to be that IBs power lobbyin caught capping when the Coutens ;-iJ. Among Women want nsa Millville Utah other, members sre 1 such independents as Howell ot Nebraska, Brookhart1 ot f Iowa. Me have their wv it will go very ' deep IndeeS. Despite the vigorous investigating tactics of the Federal Trade Com- ' mission, there are still plenty ot senators who would like to go -after the "power trust" In 'one ot ; their own Investigations.

Recent doings at the Federal Power Com misblon, where there seem to be a row between thoss who want MB" to be extraordinarily nice to the power companies apd those whe. And there era sioer thlnga some aea1or ould like to In vestigate which coae Outside the Trade Commission's; imiuiry,; Outfftdrra Are Interested- '. V thera's " the ' "radio trust.

For Sale Situation Wanted- Female - a. MS' -kfXlBj t. Saartl, till S. U iww for ll! KtHfrtora, ll.

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AiPly 4H W. In prtvair tarn lly. All tsosvenloneaa, Pfcon 11I. M -- -t. All conv. Main Hi. Aooilia Btrand Silk aad oot-to la all akadoa. Alaa ameoklas Pattoraa, Tho Gift tor all aaaaalona, - Tow oatroa-aaa la aollrltod. Haad-palatad oarda. Amrrlin Parnl Asrncy, l; lnilm A. Permanent Wavt Iinund or riat with Rlnclet Ends. Boalh Tklrf 8L. Shoe RepairbjKesri? There Is a Reaitf. Me Facial anu Manicure Private lesions given either at tha pupils' home or at the etudlo. KD f a nawaafcta raiaa, o, W. Baadl, ! In and vd'-n, prl. Zinc, Lead, Bags. Ird A Bread Sts.

Sinclair Gas 18c :j Standard Oirtf i to -nJI!. VOU" wece: 2. FRA10 sone. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial.

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